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We couldn’t manage without the staff at St Mary of the Angels…’

We couldn’t manage without the staff at St Mary of the Angels…’

Another great article from The Kerryman on Saint Mary of the Angels – 11th July 2018

FOR the parents and families of people with special needs the appreciation and thanks for the work St. Mary of the Angels does can’t be described in words alone. This invaluable support service has long ensured that comfort and quality of life is paramount to its service users. By extension, this guarantees families peace of mind knowing their loved ones are cared for. The formation of St Mary of the Angels Parents and Relatives Association has helped consolidate the aims and objectives of families seeking the best for their loved ones – and for the professional staff who look after them. The following is a brief insight from some family members.


Dolly Lawlor’s son Daniel has attended St Mary of the Angels since he was 4 years old, he is now 40. “He loves the staff. I ring them every day to find out how Danny is getting on and I tell them to ‘give him a kiss for me,’ Dolly said.

“We have a great parents and relatives group and Jack Fitzpatrick is brilliant – we couldn’t do without him. We fundraised recently for tarmacadam for the pathways around St Mary of the Angels and as a group we also share our experiences and thoughts.”

Dolly added: “We couldn’t manage without the staff at St Mary of the Angels. They are very important and are brilliant to the residents. It’s because of the service they provide for Danny that I can rest easy at night.”

Ina Dwyer’s son Bernard is a resident at St. Mary of the Angels and she describes it as ‘a home away from home’ for Bernard who has been attending the campus since he was 5 years old. Bernard will be 42 in August and he comes home frequently to be part of family occasions. St. Mary of the Angels is of huge benefit to Bernard and his family.

“He needs 24-hour care and St Mary’s is a brilliant back-up service as I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own,” Ina said.

“The hydrotherapy pool is essential for Bernard and he has all the services there that he would be waiting a long time for if he was living in the community. I would love to see St Mary of the Angels  revitalised and to keep its doors open to parents who are crying out for help. We never want to give our children away but we can’t manage on our own, we need places like this to help us. Bernard loves it there and he’s got an independent life because of it,” Ina said.


Joyce Banbury’s brother lives in Saint Mary of the Angels  and Joyce is a committee member on the SMAO Parents and relatives Group. Joyce also attends the joint stakeholder’s forum along with representatives from Saint Mary of the Angels Management and the HSE.

“When we came together first we really found a voice and I think the staff are happy with this too,” Joyce said.

Since the group’s formation Joyce has noticed that it is producing greater connectivity between families when it comes to the care of loved ones and the overall success of St.Mary of the Angels as a facility.


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