Saint John of God Foundation | Green Ribbon Raffle
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Green Ribbon Raffle

Tickets: €5 Each

Raffle draw will take place on the first Friday of each month

Proceeds from the raffle will be used to support the work of Saint John of God helping people facing the challenges of mental illness and those with an intellectual disability.


Saint John of God Children & Adults Mental Health Services

Saint John of God Intellectual Disability Services


Until we have our online system ready you can purchase tickets by sending FREEPOST your name, address and contact details including €5 per ticket to:


Saint John of God Foundation

PO Box 4

Free Post FDN5225
Co. Dublin

Or contact us at or 01 288 22 31


Raffle Draw


October 2017 Winners

 1st  €300 – Winner! Thomas McPartlin, Co.Letrim

 2nd  €200 – Winner! Toddy Delaney, Co.Wexford

 3rd  €150 – Winner! Evelyn Lynch, Co.Tipperary

 4th  €75 x 4 – Winners!  Dee McKiernan, Co. Westmeath – Francis Callaghan, Co. Dublin – Frank Boughton, Co. Dublin – Mary McLoughlin, Co. Tipperary


September 2017 Winners

 1st  €300 – Winner! Nora Egan, Co Tipperary

 2nd  €200 – Winner! Tom Lupton, Co Tipperary

 3rd  €150 – Winner! Mike Foley, Co Dublin

 4th  €75 x 4 – Winners!  M Cannon, Co. Donegal – Padraig O’Dowd, Co. Roscommon – Aisling Carroll, Co. Wexford – Gay Prior, Co. Leitrim



August 2017 Winners

 1st  €300 – Winner! John Delaney, Co. Tipperary

 2nd  €200 – Winner! Louise Dudley, Co. Tipperary

 3rd  €150 – Winner! Mary Nolan, Co. Dublin

 4th  €75 x 4 – Winners! Margaret Kelly, Co. Wexford – Susan Engushby, Co. Louth – Ardle McDonagh, Co. Fermanagh – Rev Fr Pat Murphy, Co. Tipperary


Brother Killian draws the first ticket with help from Juliana


July 2017 Winners

 1st  €300 – Winner! Enda Flanagan, Co. Louth

 2nd  €200 – Winner! Jason Smyth, Co.Dublin

 3rd  €150 – Winner!  Terrie Murray, Co.Dublin

 4th  €75 x 4 – Winners! Mr Kevin & Mrs Sally McLoughlin, Co.Donegal – Peter Breheny, Co. Roscommon – Marie Tierney, Co. Tipperary – Mary Clarke, Co.Dublin


June 2017 winners

 1st  €300 – Winner! Helen Power, Co.Waterford

 2nd  €200 – Winner! Patrica Doherty, Co. Donegal 

 3rd  €150 – Winner!  Liam Doorley, Co.Tipperary

 4th  €75 x 4 – Winners! Micheal Fox, Co. Meath – Alexandra Coughlan, Co.Waterford – Mary Fogarty, Co.Tipperary – Danny Doherty, Co. Donegal


Brother Killian draws the first ticket with help from Valeria


May 2017 winners

 1st  €300 – Winner! Denis Doherty Co. Donegal

 2nd  €200 – Winner! Seamas McGrath Co.Tipperary

 3rd  €150 – Winner!  Yvonne Malone Co. Dublin

 4th  €75 x 4 – Winners! John Cremin Co. Leitrim – Sue Hollywood, Gort –  Matt Murphy Co.Tipperary – Willie Hempenstall Co. Wexford

Brother Killian draws the first ticket with help from Wheran

April 2017 winners

 1st  €300 – Winner! Colm Murphy Co. Donegal

 2nd  €200 – Winner! Terrance Murray Co. Leitrim

 3rd  €150 – Winner! Ian McCracken Co. Donegal

 4th  €75 x 4 – Winners! Ben Toal Co. Louth – John Connor Co.Meath – William McGirr Co. Donegal – Mrs Padair Co. Louth

Brother Hugh draws the first ticket with help from Juliana



Licence Holder:  Brother Hugh Gillan O.H., Saint John of God Brothers, Saint John of God Campus, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin.  The Licence was issued by Dublin District Court on 22 February 2017 and is valid until 28 February 2018.