Saint John of God Foundation | Women’s Empowerment
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Women’s Empowerment

Saint John of God supports a successful savings programme, launched by the German organization Kindernothilfe, for poor women in Malawi. The average annual income in Malawi is €250. There are even those who earn less. To help empower women to support themselves, we have created self-help groups.

Women save money together

Each self-help group consists of 15 to 20 women. They come together every week and save a fixed amount of money. Each time one of the women gets a loan from the bank. This will be repaid with interest. So the total savings amount is growing.

Independent living

Thanks to one of these loans Rose Kaunda was able to start a shop selling meals of chicken and fries. Through her successful business Rose was able to buy her own home within a year. Many of the women focus on the sale of fish, salt, vegetable or soap. Thanks to these women having access to a loan system they are able to send their children to school and build an independent life.