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The Prisoner Programme for mental health aims at improving the quality of life of both prisoners with mental health problems and the prison population as a whole.
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Cheerful Giver

Becoming a Cheerful Giver could give children like Chisomo a brighter future.
Become a Cheerful Giver Today


Chisomo’s disability may have permanently affected her chances of living a full life but by becoming a Cheerful Giver with us, you can provide her and other children with the brighter future they need.

When Chisomo was very young, she fell incredibly ill with cerebral malaria. Fortunately, she survived, but barely. It caused damage to her brain and she was left with a form of cerebral palsy.

During her time at our Child Development Centre in Malawi, Chisomo has shown significant improvement. It has brought tears to our eyes to see how far she has come, and we could not be more proud of her.

The Child Development Centre is the only facility in its region that offers the kind of expert and specialist care needed by children with disabilities.

By giving €46 today – and becoming a Cheerful Giver – you could help pay for medication for one child for a whole year.

By giving €78 today – and becoming a Cheerful Giver – you could help cover the cost of special needs training for learners for one year.


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